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Got the Tdap vaccine today & it's REALLY painful

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Hey everyone,

I got my Tdap vaccine this afternoon and now (about 4 hours later) it is REALLY painful. I still have the information sheet about the vaccine from my doctor, and I know people can have soreness or pain at the injection site... but my entire shoulder & upper arm is really sore and stiff -- like I got checked too hard in a hockey game. There's no redness or swelling though. Is this typical? I'm going to call my doctor in the morning (they're closed at this point) but I just wanted to see if this was normal??

I understand you cannot give me medical advice -- I'm just trying to determine if this is out of the ordinary!



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We cannot answer that question, kangaroo. You need to pose that question to a healthcare provider. If you feel it is out of the ordinary, please contact someone today and/or go to the ED.

Good luck and hope you feel better.

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