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Any other seniors out there who are loosing their minds? If everything goes smoothly from here on out, ill be graduating in May '04. Its been tough to focus on the here and now with the end in sight. And its only September!! Anyone have have any survival tips for senior year??


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No...but I'll take some hints also. I'm done in December. Not only do I have a horrible case of senior-itis, but I'm also have really great anxiety attacks...wondering if I can really do this job when I graduate and without an instructor standing by to make sure I don't kill someone.

Besides...the weather has been great here and I'm finding all kinds of things to do instead of study. Sigh...96 days and counting...


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Yes i know what you mean PJMommy.. Its tough to sit in the library when its so beautiful out.

What have we gotten ourselves into?? haa.. Its going to be quite a wake up call once schools done, but im looking forward to every minute of it. Untill then i think i will rely on playing my guitar (with intermittent study breaks of course) to get me thru.


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I'll hopefully be done in May 2004 too and have similar concerns once they "cut the cord" from the instructors at clinical and you're actually expected to look like you know what you're doing! But then I tell myself well, if I didn't care, I wouldn't be in this field to begin with, but performance anxiety is rearing its ugly head as my schooling is in the final stretch.

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