Got my letter-century college- alternate list????????


Just got my letter today. Says I'm #29 on the alternate list for fall. So does that mean I'm for sure in for Spring 2013?????


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Yes, it most definitely means you are in for spring. There is also a possibility you could get in for Fall so have that in the back of your mind. Last year I was #17 on the alternate list at Inver and I got into Fall cohort. I think a girl that was in the 20s on the alternate list in my class too. Congrats!!


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Thanks for your reply!! I was soo anxious, that i emailed Sherry Hegstrom the same question, and she said, "most likely" I will be in for Spring... I'm soo excited, but I'm naturally a paranoid person until I actually get the acceptance letter in the mail! I highly doubt 29 people will define for fall, so I guess im happy with spring. Anyone else got accepted or alternative list?? 2013 is gonna be busy for me!!


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You never know.... You have to figure some people applied to more than one program and were accepted to more than one.... I got accepted to Normandale and Inver and I'm gonna have to turn one down.


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Exactly Feistn, I think that's what happened last year. Like I said a girl that was in the 20s on the wait list was accepted in last Fall, with everyone applying to multiple schools you never know!


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Hey I just wanted to update you, I saw in the Inver Hills newletter that now they are doing two application dates. One for the Fall and one for the Spring. The spring deadline is August 29th. Not sure if Century is doing the same thing but you may want to check into it. Hopefully you get in!


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Hello all!

I am applying at both Century and NHCC for next fall. I have met with Sherry back in June and again just last month when I came out to take the math assessment. I am a little nervous now after reading all of the posts about the work experience. I have been a full time student on training benefits while doing my pre reqs and she assured me that it was no problem. Has the point system changed? I have a prior degree, and a 3.7 overall GPA with a 3.8 in my sciences. All of my classes are complete and I will have my CNA before the application deadline. I do have to take the HESI in December and apparently that weighs in on the decision. My question is.. anyone know anything about the current Fall class? Did all of them have work experience and at least 10 credits at Century? I am coming from out of state as we are moving back to Minnesota after my youngest son graduates high school in June. I also would love to hear from anyone that is attending Century currently. How is the program? What is the campus culture like? When I visited in August, it was the first week of school and it was crazy busy! Is the parking always that bad? Is North Hennepin as good or is it better? worse? Anyone have any feedback?

Application process is always frustrating and it is seriously making me nervous as their is only one application cycle.. and fall acceptance only.. for the traditional track.

So confusing.