got my first pool job!!!

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HI Guys!

After 1 year of experience I got the confidence enough to get another job as pool in a really nice nursing home. I swear those little old ladies live like in a hotel, sooo niceeee!!

What I was thinking was how so many nurses look down at nurses that work in nursing homes like " oh.. you work in a nursing home??" My full time job is in vent -unit ICU stepdown but I feel that it should not matter where you work. I hate when my friends look down at me because I like my vent patients and working in nursing homes, they are in ICU and CCU, etc and they think they are all that!!

Sometimes I rather just feed a patient and I get more satisfaction than hanging 1000 iv's!


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I don't! I've done some prn supervisor shifts at a nursing home and have a sister who works in LTC, it has its own challenges and nurses who like what they do, usually give the best pt care!

Congratulations on your new job!!

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