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Got Capstone in OR, need advice!


Hello All!

I am sooo EXCITED! I got granted my Capstone (Internship) in the OR/PACU. Mainly focusing on OR. This is what I've been wanting and my only reason for going to nursing school.

My question to all of you is what kinda advice would you give a nursing student regarding the OR? I've done all my OR rotations during nursing school and I loved it! I have a corporate background (14 years) and I work best in a team oriented environment, which is why I think the OR would be a good fit for me. I work well in structured environments and I thrive in a designated role. I do have a strong personality, but know how to pick and choose my battles and when to stand up and when to fall back.

Please, any advice would be greatly apperciated!

Thank you in advance! :D

Fun2, BSN, RN

Specializes in Operating Room.

Sounds like a good start....

Try to find out what type of surgery you will be in the next day, and look up information for that surgery.

If you want, you can try to look up procedures in the OR-role via the internet, an old circulator book you find in a place like Half Price Books, a borrowed book from the hospital, or the OR software from Skyscape.com. (Not sure how great the software is, but it does give some info on the procedure, prepping, positioning, etc.)

Of course, each OR is different, and surgeon's preferences will be different, but if you can read ahead, at least you will have a basic understanding of what will be happening as you watch it unfold.

Good luck, and enjoy the OR! :)

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