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Got called for interview from North York General. Any tips for the interview?


Hi everyone,

I got called for interview from North York General Hospital!! Any tips for the interview you could share? I know the job market in Ontario is not good so I really really want to do well and get the job. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Congrats, have you had your interview yet? I also have an interview coming up in the Toronto area (different hospital though). Interviews are so nerve wracking for me, especially because i am a new grad, the way i prepare is just to write down questions and answers so i will first do behaviour type of questions (what would you do if you walked into a room and found a pt on the floor, what would you do if your pt was having chest pain, your patient is diabetic and non communicative what do you do, Describe a time you went above and beyond.etc)

Also divide your questions into categories ex. leadership, initiative, communication, respect, teamwork, critical thinking and find at least two examples of how you showed this skill-and if you really want to prepare also find one example of when you could have performed this skill better (if they ask you "describe a time your team work could have been better" - i have been asked this before)

and finally then i would prepare for the typical questions like "why do you want to work here" why should we hire you? what do you know about our company? strengths/weaknesses? what is your greatest learning need?

PRACTICE- let a friend or family member interview you!

Here are some questions that are divided into categories:


Hi Starlane, thank you for your reply! No I haven't had my interview yet but it's coming soon. I have another question for you. In the qualification they stated they prefer to have someone who has certified course on emergency or ICU. I don't have those certified course and I'm worried I have less chance to get hired. Do I have to have those certified course before I got hired? But they are so expensive to take without a job!!!!!

Hey, you don't need it to get hired but it obviously puts you ahead of others, i would just wait until you are hired but IF your unsuccessful/ having a hard time finding a job then just take the plunge and get those certificates! I recently applied for hemodialysis and i got called back with zero experience working in that field and no nephrology/hemodialysis courses, so that means they would be willing to train me and give me time to complete these courses- usually they say that if you are hired you need to finish certain certificates within one year of hire

Hey starlane, how long you had waited before hospitals call you back?