Got accepted into OCTECH Nursing Program fall 2016


Anyone got accepted into the nursing program at OCTECH or have been a former or current nursing student? What is it like? Any tips? Need a study buddy :)? Thanks in advance


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Is that avatar Mary J. Blige?

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I'm looking for info too for octech what to expect I start fall 2016!!!

Are you doing perquisites or the nursing program?

Hey I wanted to knw did you guys turn in your nursing application during the first submission in September last year? bc I'm applying for the 2017 program and I am going to turn in my application in January but I'm nervous because I don't won't the program to be fill by then.

I turned mine in during the second submission in June and got in then. If that helps

Yes that help alot. and how is the nursing program going?

Oh wow good luck to you!! Hopefully I will be there next year