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Gordon wants nursing schools to form own review centers

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gordon wants nursing schools to form own review centers

[color=dimgray]first posted 17:11:00 03/31/2008

senator richard gordon . . . discouraged the introduction of the "practical nursing" program due to the absence of both local and global demand.

. . .

"the ched should be more stringent with the review centers so they would not become leakage centers," gordon urged, noting that a reviewee pays from p15,000 to p17,000 for a few weeks' review.

gordon said some graduates enroll in three different review centers to ensure their passing the board exam.

gordon also urged ched to look more closely into the quality of nursing schools as about 950,000 students are taking up nursing.

"the low passing rate in licensure examinations should serve as a wake-up call to ched and policy makers. ched should not be happy with 40 percent passing the exams," he said.

i was reading this article yada yada yada until i saw 950,000.

holy cow.

where will this 950,000 future nurses go?

when the hundreds of thousands of nurses in the philippines now have nowhere to go to?

632,000 last year, and everyone thinks that it is the ticket out of your country, but unless they pass the NLE and get experience; they are going to be going no where.

Add into it the fact that the US still has the same limit on visas, that is not changing so the change of getting a visa will make it almost impossible for someone that has not started.

Actually very bad news for most there. Not good news at all. And when your country has no jobs, why in the world are they permitting this many students to attend that are never going to be able to work as nurses, no matter where.

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