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I am looking to enroll into Goodwin's nursing program next year, 2014. It will be my first time going to college and in a way a second career. I am 32 and currently a Business Development Manager in CT. I have a few questions for anyone currently enrollt in their RN program.

1. How is GC now seen in regards of quality of education compared to a few years ago, when the program first started?

2. How long did it take you for al pre-req's?

3. Is the clinical situation for weekends better, are many options available?

4. What will be the total tuition including pre-req's and the nursing program?

5. How are grads seen by local hospitals?

6. Were you able to work full or part time during your classes?

Hope someone has some answers, looking into Capital Community College as well but was not really impressed with there program.

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Where I work, I see plenty of Capital grads being hired and no Goodwin grads. I think that Capital has a better reputation.


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I also would love to know more about Goodwin. I am taking my last 6 pre reqs there and discouraged about getting in of course. Hopefully passes GC students can fill us in!


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I am a Goodwin Grad, working in a school as a RN. This is my third year here, and this was my first RN job out of school.

I think the program has been improved. Jan Costello takes the program very seriously, and it is very competitive to get in.

I have a BS in Animal Science from UCONN 2001, so had to retake my A&P, and chem because they were outside the 5? year window. I took two classes a semester, and had my pre-reqs done in 3 semesters.

The Clinical situation is pretty flexible, as long as you are. There are 1st shift, 2nd shift and weekend clinical options. Unless it has changed, you will have one class a week, and one clinical a week. The clinical sites change, so there is no way of knowing what will be available, until the school has confirmed the participation of the sites.

As far as tuition, I would talk with an admissions person. There is no way for anyone to be able to give you that, without knowing how many pre-reqs you need to take.

The people that graduated with me.... they seem to be working all over the place.... some in hospitals, some in home care, LTC.

I was able to work full time with my classes. I wasn't able to do much more than that.... as I studied during most of my "free-time".... but it is do-able.