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Is there anyone else out there that applied to Gooding Institute of Nurse Anesthesia in Panama City? Anyone out there know much about the program? I applied and waiting to hear if I got an interview letter or not. Any info. or responses would be appreciated!


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Congrats on your interview. I was planning on applying, but decided against it. Sounds like a strong program but I want more clinical variety and I didn't like some aspects of the application. The people on the phone I spoke with were also off-putting. Good luck with the interview--it sounds like a challenge! :D (Search the forum for gooding and you'll find some accounts).

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did you get into Gooding? How was the interview? Is the school meeting expectations? Pros/Cons


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Yes I got in 2009 and graduate this December. The school definitely meets my expectations. Our graduates avg. over 900 cases (550 cases is the required amount) by graduation so we get great experience while in school. As for cons- every school has them and I can't think of one that stands out from other schools. The first year is hard, but we are an integrated program and start clinical the second week. Some programs have front loaded programs meaning they do one full year of didactic before stepping foot in the clinical site. I looked specifically for integrated programs when applying just because I'm a visual learner and it has worked out great for me. The interview is hard- mostly clinical questions, pharmacology, ICU questions that pertain to your specialty. Hope this helps

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Great to hear you were accepted and are about to graduate. Thank you for taking the time to reply since I am sure you are still extremely busy with school. An integrated system is what I am looking for as well in order to apply what I am learning simultaneously. Well I will brush up on clinical questions closer to time if given an interview. Last thing, even though you participated in 900 cases, did you feel you were able to see enough of each variety of case since they were all at the same hospital? Thanks again.


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Be aware of the accreditation status of the institution. If the college is not Regionally Accredited then applying the degree towards a doctoral degree may be a challenege.

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