Good private schools in the Sacramento Area???


Hi nurses! About 10 years ago i started getting my prereqs done and finished in 2012 from Folsom Lake College. I took forever, sometimes taking one class at a time, because I was a working single mom. I kept getting rejected from the ADN programs, and my GPA in the science classes was too low (I got all Bs, but C's in chemistry). I would never make it into Sac State's program.

I about gave up but having my second baby made my heart hurt to really want to try again! California programs are too imacted, so I've been looking at private schools, which are more expensive, which is why I have been pushing it off for so long! I just felt bad getting rejected but I know I would make a great nurse! I LOVED the nurses at the hospital where I gave birth, my love for the job started before my first (who is almost 13!) was born back when her dad was in and out of the hospital all the time.

My question is, does anyone know of any good nursing programs in the Sacramento area? I can't do University of Phoenix ad Samuel Merritt since you have to have a bachelors to get into those. I was looking at Chamberlain College, but I don't know anything about them.

I was also looking into Carrington. I went there for massage therapy back when it was Western Career College, but they want me to do the LVN program and THEN take their RN program, which I am not excited about. I have a associates degree and all prereqs are done, so I don't like that they they want me to spend ll my money on their LVN and then spend more for their RN. I just want to get my RN.

Not that there is anything against LVN, I just keep hearing that they're being phased out in California. I want to work in a hospital and if I had to to LVN again, and had a shot at getting a job and being in a hospital helping patients, I would do it!

So Chamberlain or Carrington? Anyone have any thoughts? Maybe other colleges I haven't thought of?

Thank you so much! Nurses are amazing people and I want to be a part of it!

I'm a current student at Chamberlain. Can follow my Instagram @ccnstudent 2019. Ccn should be a last resort if you really want to be a nurse. But before you enter do all gen eds.