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I'm moving from chicago to florida in about 3-4 months ( a little sooner than anticipated d/t my husbands job). We are looking to move to the st. augustine area and am wondering what are good hospitals to work for around that area. I was looking at flagler hospital in st. augustine and was wondering if it is a good place to work. I know they are magnet and prefer bsn but i only have an adn but lots of good experience. i work in the icu/cvicu for 5 years+ and have been our icu charge rn for the past 3 yrs+. does anyone know if it's hard to get a job there with only a adn and does anyone know the rn to patient ratio in their icu? i know this is not a favorable question, but does anyone know the ballpark range for an experienced icu rn in the st. augustine area (in particular, flagler). please help, any info would be great.



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Also i was looking at shands, does anyone have info about this hospital? actually any info regarding the jax/st. augustine area would be very helpful!!! please can anyone help me:)


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I work at Shands and worked at Specialty (so I'm somewhat familiar with Orange Park and Memorial) before that. PM me. I looooove my job at shands so far.


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I work for Baptist Health, it is a great place to work. There are five hospitals : Downtown - Main Campus, Wolfsons Children's Hospital, Nassau, Beaches, and South. South is very close to St. Augustine. We are Magnet as well, and many positions require a BSN. I think some departments are not as strict, IF you are actively enrolled in a BSN program. I know a lot of ADN nurses in the Jacksonville area that have had a really hard time getting a hospital job with an ADN, but you have experience, so that may help.