Good Nursing schools in North Carolina?

U.S.A. North Carolina


Hi Guys,

I am really interested in joining a private nursing schools in NC to get my BSN. I applied to Wake Tech 3 times, and was rejected all three times. Hence, I want to apply to private colleges to get my BSN quicker. What are some good private schools that I should consider?

Specializes in orthopedic/trauma, Informatics, diabetes.

I went the Comm College route. I had a previous BS so I only had to take the nursing courses. I could have done an ABSN, but it was going to cost much more. 

Why private colleges?  All of the UNC schools have great nursing programs though. I did my RN-BSN bridge at UNCW. They have a great 4 year program too. ECU is good. Barton is a private school and has a good nursing program. I am not aware of many more in Eastern NC. 

Can you not try another County for Comm College? What was the reason you could not get in?  I know in JoCo, it was a point based system, which I think now includes TEAS scores. 

Good Luck! I hope you can get into a program. We need new nurses!

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