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Hello all other nurses who just aren't happy taking care of a critical patient INSIDE a hospital...gotta put-em in an ambulance, helicopter or airplane. I understand; ICU/CCU/ED or OR are just too well staffed and supplied to make that a challenge anymore. I do hospital to hospital transports for a living, I volunteer as a PHRN for a small ambulance service in my free time so I do see the scene runs too. Anyone else out there interested in chatting about transport nursing answer here or e-mail me at [email protected].

Great - FINALLY someone else who makes a living in the back of a moving vehicle! Who needs all of those pesty support personnel during codes when all you need is a good siren, heavy foot, and open (hopefully) stretch of highway? I also do interfacility transports full time as a nurse, and run rescue calls as an EMT. Would LOVE to chat and compare notes. My email is [email protected].

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There have got to be more than two of us out there doing this transport thing. I seem to remember doing a lot more trips though before all this health care reform stuff happened. Got called out in the middle of the night, now I usually just sleep when I am on-call. More trips are by ground, we have the skills and equipment and an extra hour won't make any difference for many of these patients. They are not going for surgery till the following day or are recovering from a big MI and won't be going to the OR till next week. It is easier to move around and treat a patient in an ambulance versus a helicopter. The long trips are done in a lear jet and that also gives me room to move around after we take off. The ambulance is less expensive so that is what is chosen most of the time for hospital to hospital trips here in Pittsburgh. Anyone else have anything to add? What is it like in other parts of the USA and overseas?


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hi out there to all the transport nurses smile.gif

i am a nursing student who would like to get into transport ground and or air after i get my RN. i was wondering what qualifications u need to become a transport nurse. and also is there anything i can do while still in nursing school that would help me. i have been an EMT for two years also and am still active. and do u need a bachelors degree or is an associate enough? thank u very much for all ur help. take care and stay safe. kimberly rush

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