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good LPN schools in Orlando!!!

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Hi ,

I am wondering if anyone could give me any good advice as to which LPN program are best in the Orlando area. I would like to find a program that sticks to the LPN curriculum, I have heard these programs take less time than those who Combine LPN and RN work together to prepare you earn your RN in only 1 year's time. I am not interested in earning a RN, so I would like to stick to the basics. I have looked at..

Lake Tech- School seems to be OK, but I couldn't find any reviews from graduate students anywhere, I went to Orientation....No one showed to give me further info. I have heard too Lake Tech throws in a lot of RN teachings too which prepares you to move forward with earning your RN in a year's time.

Cambridge in Altamonte- Seems like alittle sketchy and expensive. $21000 and you only have to pass the TEASE with a combined score of 45%. I liked the schedule and the fact they strictly stick to the LPN curriculum. However, the reviews were absolutely horrible.

Technical Education Center in Orando- Horrible reviews

I am down to Techni Pro Institute on Rio grande Ave and Orlando Tech. Could anyone tell me about Techni Pro and Orlando tech? Has anyone graduated with an LPN from these schools? Did hey really help you pass the NCLEX?

Lastly, Could anyone tell me about any other LPN schools in the Orlando area in which they have heard of or graduated from (even schools up to 25 miles away) I may have missed that are good and affordable.

thank you

Do not go to Cambridge!!! I was going to start at Cambridge and the day before orientation I told my boyfriend that something felt off about that place so I never went, and I am glad I didn't. Almost 21,000 for your LPN?! No thanks! I went to Orlando Tech for my MLA and phlebotomy certificate and I LOVED it there. It's small and the classes are small but I love it there. I am currently attending Valencias RN program but OT was an option for me if I didn't get into Valencias program. Good luck to you!!

thank you so much! I will be looking into Orlando Tech!!

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You also have TECO and Lake Tech. I believe Orlando Tech and TECO have agreements w Valencia where they award you 12 credits towards your bridge program.