any good ideas!?!?


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Hey guys! I am a fall 10' hopeful for the ADN program @ my school, and I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice whatsoever on books, websites, or anything that will help me "get a leg up!" I will say this....I am scared to death of dosage calculations. I am HORRIBLE @ math!!:crying2: Any advice on what helped you, or even what the hardest concepts for u to grasps were...anything is helpful!! THANKS!:D

Hi! I'm waiting to find out if I was accepted into an ADN program that begins in May. I'll be stalking the mailman for the next couple of weeks!! :D I know that our summer classes are Intro to Nursing and Intro to Pharm and Drug Calculations. I found a book at books a million called Math for Nurses by Mary Jo Boyer. It is a pocket guide to dosage calc and drug preparation, so I'm planning on going through the book before starting (hopefully starting) classes. It starts with a preassessment test and then a basic math review. The other units are broken up into oral dosage calc, parenteral dosage calc, etc. It seems to be a good book so far...there are many practice problems and end of chapter and unit reviews. It also comes with a pull out card (plastic) that has basic equivalents, conversion factors and math formulas. I think it is going to be a very helpful book and it doesn't look too difficult. I'm not a math lover either! Good luck!