Good Hospitals in Tallahassee?


I will be moving to Tallahassee shortly after I graduate and I wanted to get an idea of where I should apply. Also if anyone knows of a hospital that will hire a new grad to L&D that would be awsome!!



btw sorry for any spelling errors, I made this post using my Wii.


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I currently work at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital as a nurse extern in the L&D and yes they will hire you straight out of school The starting rate is like 18.42. I graduate in May and plan to work in their L&D or ER. There is only one other hospital in Tallahassee, Capital Regional Medical Center but not as many births occur there and if there are any complications they get shipped to TMH. Capital Regional pays more, like 20/hr, but for the experience TMH is your best bet. You can visit to get more info. Let me know if I help you further.

Good Luck!!!


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BTW my brother and his family stay out your way, in Navarre!! :0)


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does anyone have any info on the new grad program at capital regional medical center?

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