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I posted this on the main forum but thought I might get some good replies here too.

I am looking to relocate to Orange County, CA. as a new RN grad and would appreciate any input on the best/worst hospitals for a new grad. I can honestly say that money is the LAST of my concerns. Good working conditions, happy nurses and a supportive environment is what's important to me. Anyone have any wisdom to share? The glossy brochures don't always tell the full story..

Thanks in advance!



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This forum had some information of Orange County hospitals.


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Thanks for the reply, spacenurse.

I have heard very good things about Hoag with one exception: the patient population. Several people I've talked to have said that the patients (generalizing here) tend to treat nurses as though they're in a 5 star hotel rather than a hospital. Any opinions on this? I've always worked in hospitals with low income and middle class patients. Anyone have anything to share about working in hospitals with affluent patients?


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UCI Medical Center was just designated as a Magnet Facility, and the RNs are represented by the California Nurses Association. It's a great place to learn because of the medical school. The clinical teaching staff is excellent. Your voice is respected and the opportunities for personal growth are unlimited. The BEST part is the California Nurses Association. We are part of the RevolutioN in healthcare and we need YOU! Work in a non-CNA Hospital at your own risk! Welcome.


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I would not go to St. Judes they treat there staff like cattle running through a revolving door.

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