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Good BSN programs in Tulsa

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Hi Everybody!

It's been a while since I've been on here; my last post was summer of last year! Well, I am finally at a point in my life now where I can finally start pursuing my nursing career. I am going to start my pre-reqs at TCC this spring. My question is, are there any really good BSN programs or even ADN programs here in Tulsa that any of you recommend?

Of course I know TCC has an ADN program, but I've seen a few threads on here not saying good things about TCC's program. :( I really would like to pursue my BSN if I could. I've found that OU Tulsa and ORU both have BSN programs. Are those good programs? Are there other options in Tulsa that I am unaware of?

I've got some time to make a decision on which program would work best for me; I'd just love any advice you guys my have.

Thanks! :)

The TCC program has a high pass rate for NCLEX and graduates can find jobs. Unfortunately they've phased out the part-time RN program. Still a great place to do prereqs and get an ASN.

NSU-Broken Arrow has a bridge program, so you earn an ASN at the community college then transfer on to NSU-Broken Arrow to get the BSN.

OU-Tulsa has the same program and offers an accelerated BSN if you already have a bachelors degree in another field.

ORUs program is good, but expensive.

Not sure of your ethnicity. Langston-Tulsa has a BSN program but they're traditionally an African American University.


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