Gonna be a single mom for the next 10 months

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Eek! We live in Nv, hubby is a school teacher and he put in an application with the DoD. He was referred to a few jobs (Bahrain, Puerto Rico and Kentucky). Well, they called him from Ky and interviewed him and he got the job! :eek: We have talked a lot about this (this has been a year long process for him) and what we'd do if anything ever came up. We weren't expecting it, but he can't turn it down. He'll still be teaching, but making more money and having better benefits, he'll just be away for almost 10 months. I am half way through nursing school so I can't quit. We have 2 munchkins (7 and 4) and we decided to leave them with me for now because we don't know anyone there to help. I have my niece here as well, she's 25, goes to night school, but helps when she can during the day. We also have a sitter who will help and friends as well if needed, but still, eek! We may send then to Ky after Christmas because my last semester is the hardest (med surge 2 and preceptorship). We really have to budget and cut things to have 2 households going. I'm just nervous to do all this without him! I know I have everyone else, but it's not the same, KWIM?

It is scary to know that your main source of support is in another state. I believe it makes perfect sense for you to stay where you are, as your family and sources of childcare are all there. I am not sure what KWIM means. LOL Hang in there. It will soon be over. Hugs!

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Well, I've BTDT. My husband got transferred to IN when we lived in NV and I was in nursing school then too. Our kids were 7 and 12. I kept the younger one and my husband took the older one. Some of the things we did:

1. I worked nights and went to school days - not fun but doable for a few months.

2. Arranged daycare way ahead of my schedule.

3. Cooked meals on the weekend and froze half to reheat later in the week.

4. Realized that it was only 6 months and could get thru anything in 6 months.

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