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Hi and Congratulations!

One of the first things that you can do is to start taking Folic Acid for the baby. I was on WIC with my first child and it is a great program. It isnt just for children, it is for pregnant women also. Definitely check into that. YOu should qualify- just call the health department and they can give yoiu the information. Alo visit the website http://www.parentsoup.com I was there all of the time with all three of my kids. They have great message boards for every situation where you can get to know other people in your situation.. Good Luck and keep us posted!


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i have a million questions, here's my story;

ok so i have a problem. this morning i used first response and found out i was pregnant :o (or at least there's a 99% chance that i am). i had suspected something was up: maybe since i've been ultra hungry lately, nipples hurting, eating like a pig and getting all around bigger, irritable/emotional and sometime nauseous and lately having to pee a lot and my alergies are really bad. don't know if all those are signs of being pregnant or anything, but i certainly wasn't having my period.. i had stopped getting birth control once my insurance stopped after i quit my job in mid/late july. before taking birth control i rarely had periods and was suspected of a hormone deficiency. but after the tests they said i was fine and when i got on the pill i had a period every month, right on schedule. haven't had one since. my boyfriend and i haven't used a condom in almost a year - he's never ejaculated during intercourse with me anyway - he's got like penis shut off -don't want a baby mode - but we both know pre-ejaculation can get you pregnant.

needless to say it isn't official but the dr.s appointment is oct 13th. i have no insurance, no mom to give me advice, i just started working 2 days a week so i can go to school 3-5 days a week (cna class), and i may have made too much money to get medicaid (i know you need the last for paychecks and all of mine are around $350 for 42hour shifts), plus i live with my dad for free right now - but will be getting a place with my bf before i have the baby. i talked it over with him and he's almost as scared as i am but a little excited to, which relieves a bit of stress on my part.

if i pass, i'll be a cna come november 21 and can work there, but i guess i can't do heavy lifting right?

we aren't telling any friends or family until we know for sure, but i need to talk to somebody who knows, so i thought i would post here, i'm sure you've had lots of experience working with obstetric patients or have been mothers/fathers yourselves.

funny how this morning i realized i'm a grown up (22 in december) and i've got to worry about grown up things. not that i was ever really that irresponsible, but i'm going to miss being selfish and buying stuff for myself and just sitting around having lazy days.

i've lived on my own for a year - came back to dad's to afford school (i don't want to be a cook for the rest of my life), i'm taking the acceptance test october 5 to get into a nursing program next fall and now i don't even know if i'll be able to do it physically, mentally, financially or have any time.

what's your advice, opinions and personal experiences with being pregnant. any links that could help me out. anyone know anything about the free health insurance for women who are pregnant or the wic program.. or is that just a thing over here in maine? i know i can get help with housing in the city my dad lives in, there's a good program where they take your family's income, subtract cable, electric, phone, grocery, gas, insurance bills, and then decide what you'll pay for rent - i had a friend who paid $125 a month for a nice 2 ½ bedroom apartment and she got to be a stay at home mom.

so yeah, should i be eating anything in particular? i know i need to stay away from these damn smokers, and i'll have to stop drinking (which was like a once a month thing anyway). anything i'll have to worry about when i become a cna, anything that i won't be able to do at work because of this? how long do most people leave work? how soon can i come back? would they take me back? should i tell them now (well, if i figure out it's a definite things at the dr's) while i'm just in the class, wait until clinicals, or wait until i start working?

any information would be greatly appreciated

~michelle :chair:

wow...sounds like someone is gonna be a mom!!! first and foremost ... you must never give up. i was pregnant at 15. i had to get on assistance ( food stamps, welfare, wic as well as other financial resources). i used it to my advantage cause i knew i'd be alone in this (of course, my mother was with me all along) as far as my childs father is concerned. i ended up dropping out of school (high school) in the 9th grade just so i could take care of my baby. with the help of the state for a number of years, i was able to get back on my feet. i liked the fact that i could get assistance when i had no money from anyone. however, i hated having to wait every month for the money to come. being alone in a situation like that, i learned responsibility, money management, as well as other lessons of being a single parent in particular. its a pain to go thru welfare, wic, etc but use it to your advantage and dont rely on it forever. its there for you and anyone else who needs it.

happy to say... i went back to school and got my diploma, my aa and in april i will graduate from nursing school (rn program). now i have 2 kids and at the young age of 28 i feel like i have come a long way from where i was. my mother never babysat for me ( says she wanted to teach me how to be a parent). and although i used to be mad as hell cause i could not do anything....... i am grateful now! thru this experience and life especially... learn to depend on yourself...and never give up on your dreams. you can do anything if you set your mind to it. welcome to the real world. motherhood doesnt stop anything, just keep moving forward.

bless you

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