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Golden West vs. Saddleback college (2018)

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I recently got accepted to both of these schools. I was wondering if anyone happened to know the pros and cons between these two schools.

I am definitely thankful for the acceptances, but I am unsure of which school to choose from. I volunteer at UCI Medical center and have heard great things about GWC nursing students. But, I've also heard good things about nursing students from Saddleback on "allnurses".

I saw a post about this exact topic back in 2011. However, things may have changed, and old professors may be gone. Thank you very much for your feedback!


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A few months ago, I saw a counselor at Golden West, and she told me that, if she were a nursing student, she would want to go to Saddleback because their program is much better than Golden West's.

Did your counselor happen to specify why Saddleback's program is better? Thank you for the reply.


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The counselor said that Saddleback's higher quality is due to the type of funding that they receive (money equals more/better resources, I'm assuming). I was very surprised that someone who has built their career at Golden West would confirm that Saddleback has a superior and more desirable nursing program--something that my researched seemed to indicate already--and I greatly appreciated her honesty.

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Both are good programs...some numbers I looked at when comparing ABSN programs I applied to were retention rates and NCLEX pass rates. Golden West has slightly higher retention rates, but saddleback has a much higher first time NCLEX pass rate average.

Golden West - 81.7% retention rate, 90.51% average NCLEX pass rate (past 5 years)

Saddleback - 77.9% retention rate, 96.18% average NCLEX pass rate (past 5 years)

Also consider distance to the school, distance to clinical sites, costs, class sizes, total credit hours, total clinical hours, etc. Saddleback and Golden West are a decent distance from each other. Depending on where you're coming from, commuting to either or can be a huge hassle. I did my prerequisites at Golden West and moved to Dana Point shortly before I finished them and sometimes it'd take me over an hour to get from Dana Point to Golden West for classes.

Thanks for the replies! I also applied to San Marcos but I'm waiting for the full evaluation following my last core prerequisite. I'm currently standing at about 38 pts if I calculated everything correctly.

However, I'm leaning towards the community colleges if I do get in to San Marcos. 48k + the move down there seems a bit for my current situation and that's not even counting my previous bachelor loans.

What do you all think? Thanks again, I appreciate the helpful responses