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going on vacation!


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i am so excited!

i am going on a cruise with a girlfriend of mine in a few weeks!

we are going to the bahamas for a 3 night cruise.

i have not been on a vacation in forever.

we both finished nursing school together, and are working girls on busy surgical floors at different hospitals.

2 years of heartache, pain, life born and life lost.

i had my baby in nursing school, while a couple of months later my friend lost her mom to pancreatic cancer..... *sigh*

so it's just going to be us girls! no hubbies, babies, no worries

i can't wait!:yeah:

That sounds like a wonderful idea :yeah: I'm really happy that you'll have this opportunity and to go with a good girlfriend makes it special - yay for our girlfriends! We enjoy the Bahamas a lot.

Have a really wonderful time! You've both earned it :coollook:

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