Going to try to CLEP Chemistry...Help needed!

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I need to clep chemistry to get into this next round of nursing. I have 2 months to study and I know it's going to be a hard test. Anyone who has done the chemistry CLEP if you can give advice or recomend any good study guides I would greatly appreciate it. I was told today this test costs $50 and can only be taken 1 time in 6 months and your score is available immediately. So I can't aford to fail. Any help is appreciated.

manna, BSN, RN

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I haven't CLEP'd chem, but I'd be very careful that your school gives credit for a CLEP science course. Many colleges won't honor a CLEP score for a lab based science (if the lab is required). Good luck! :)


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I took it a few years ago and failed by 10 points. Doesn't matter though, because I found out that the CLEP credit won't be taken for the masters program that I eventually want to get into. Anyway, I would suggest going over not only the basics, but make sure you know the battery stuff (how charges transfer etc.), and a few more things that are a step up from the basic stuff like mole conversions. I suggest getting the AP Chemistry Study Guide printed by the Princeton Review, it is a good study guide that covers al lot of what you need to know. Don't have to do it all, but review everything in it so you have a basic understanding of all the concepts. Good luck.


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All I can say is good luck. I took that class twice, first time I got a D and that was not passing in the school so I took it again and got a B. I sympathize with you cause it is the hardest class I have ever took. Find someone in your class that is really good and that can help you. Even offer to pay something if necessary. Whatever it takes just so you don't have to take it again! Good Luck. Curleysue

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