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Hello all,

I have been a nurse for almost five years working in a multisystem PCU & I have recently taken a peds CVICU position roughly 7 months & I really do enjoy working with the kiddos but I can't help but think I miss working with adults and maybe feel like I'm missing out on that ICU experience. Pediatrics is a very different speed from what I'm used to and I know the majority of people I've spoken to say they would never go back to adults but I wanted to hear if anyone has ever switched back from peds to adults and what were their thoughts on it ? I really do love my CV babes but it's something that lingers in the back of my head and I wanted to see if anyone else has felt this way. 

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You can't do everything at once and whatever you do, you're missing out on other things. I miss working in ID, but I love where I am in oncology and I can't do both posts at the same time. That's  life!

If you're only 7 months in and you're enjoying it, why not stay awhile and get the most from this experience? Re-evaluate when you feel you've mastered the speciality and are ready to move on. You may well go back to adults and possibly do it in another totally different area if critical care is all you've known? 

The thing about going back is that nostalgia sometimes gives you rose coloured glasses. Nursing gives you immensely varied possibilities. Don't limit yourself for nostalgia's sake would be my advice. Good luck!

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