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I am finding it difficult to know what to do. I did get into 2 schools in NJ. The one school is totally out of my pricen range. Maybe that is why I got into it. The other school I got in 2 years ago (I really wanted to go there-location, cost was perfect) but I had to leave because of an injury. I reapplied two years later and I did not get into it although I was mistakenly told that as long as I get at least a C+ in two classes (I got 2 A's) . Do you think it would be a good idea to take pharmacology and pathophysiology because these are in all programs I would be taking when/if I get into a school. I was in. So needless to say I wasted my time, money. So I do not have the prerequisites for two other schools in NYC (I am willing to take the hour commute) and I fear another rejection letter. I am 40 so I do not have a lot of time to spend in a RN program and I had all my plans set on for going for my masters right after I graduated. I did however notice that there are some ONLINE ACCELERATED BSN programs but I have no idea which ones to apply too and if they would be any good because they are on-line. Has anyone tried or know someone who has graduated from a school on-line or any reccommendations. I am afraid to take a chance on a $70,000 program and not get through it. My GPA was 3.14 15 years ago (There were no + or _ at that time otherwise it would have been higher. All of my prereqs were only 3.0. I don't know if I should retake Microbiology and Chemistry because I got a C in both of them. I do not know if that is competetive because I see others on this forum who have 3.5's in their prerequisites. I am applying to NJCU but I found out that 214 people inquired( only 50 are accepted so I am at a loss) about the program. The program is only $27,000 and a person is finished in a year. If I go the RN route (I would probably get into some in NJ) But I do not see any acclerated RN programs in NJ or NYC or online for that matter. I am starting to think that I should just go for my masters in something else since it seems less competitive. This is stressing me out. I have 4 letters of recommendation and a very experienced resume. I don't understand why they just don't have more accelerated programs in NJ, NYC. I was looking for a two year accelerated program. I don't care if it is 12 months or 16 months. Maybe I should just give up. Maybe it is not meant to be. The sad thing is that I am told by every who meets me that I am a warm person and I would make an excellent nurse. Maybe I will look into a tech job. What would be a realistic starting salary? Also per diem:banghead::chuckle:scrying: I know its a lot of questions to ask but I am going totally nuts. Any assistance is appreciated

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I'm sorry you are sooo over whelmed. I don't care what you decide to do, as long as it does not include giving up. Giving up is NEVER an option. Would suggest doing the LPN route first. The lpn programs are less expensive and competitive. It will also give you experience and good pay while pursing your RN. Just a suggestion. Hopefully others will add their 2 cents. Good luck and take care !


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Before taking pharmacology and pathophysiology, it would be a good idea to check with the schools you are interested in whether they will accept the credits from another school. Sometimes they compare the syllabus from their program to other programs, and if they are comparable, they might accept the credits, other schools might be more strict. If you have the time and the money, I think it would be a good idea to take the missing pre-requisites for the other schools you are interested in so you can apply to them.

For ONLINE BSN programs, check Stonybrook in NY. I met an NP who did their online program but do not remember much of what he said about it. I think he did both BSN and Masters with them. He did not complained, but at the same time I did not ask much about the program. The only thing about online programs is that you are detached from other more experienced people, so unless you have access to RNs who can share their experiences and explain things to you, it might not be as good in terms of gaining insight into nursing. But then again, you can just try to network more with nurses in clinicals or online (or at hospitals).

As for NJCU, "214 people inquired" I think the key word is inquired as opposed to applied. For $27,000 a year, it's worth the shot. NYU and I think Columbia have accelerated RN programs if you are willing to deal with the high co$t$. Have you considered Drexel University in Philadelphia? Their accelerated program is only 11 months :eek: and I think their tuition for the program is about $27,000 too. I am not sure if they will let you take less classes. Call and ask them.

Yes, things are rough, but they will get rougher once you start your program because this takes a lot of time and energy from you. Nursing school in general is very tough because of the overwhelming amount of info you have to learn AND RETAIN for use later on, and because of all the written assignments (not only papers, but care plans and school projects) that take precious time away from studying (and sleeping, above all ;), but when you enter an accelerated program, this becomes more intense. I found that I really liked what I was learning (at least most of it) so I did not mind sacrificing my time (also my beauty sleep ;) and any vestige of social life I had) doing this. (Would you believe me if I told you at times I enjoyed reading my textbooks? :) I just hated taking exams :madface: Hopefully it will pay off. :hrnsmlys:

If you feel the same when you open your nursing textbooks, I say do it and keep trying. Go to any hospital and talk to nurses to get some insight into the field. If you like what you read and hear from nurses, keep trying, don't give up!

Thanks for your help. I realise that an accelerated 1 yr. program is too stressfull for me if anything under a C+ is failing. I met a few people like me that got a 73.5 and 74.5 and failed. I totalled my car due to stress about another issue so I feel that If I am worried about a test or project (etc.) then an accident could occur. Doing it on-line or with a direct bus or train ride or on-line would be best. Thanks for your info. It is appreciated:redbeathe:heartbeat

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