Going for it in NJ


After a lot of research (NJ BON, nursing school and local hospitals), I have decided to go for making the leap into nursing. But, almost 10 years ago - I went out with some friends and made the one of the most humiliating and humbling (and stupidest) mistakes of my life - I got a DUI. It was a misdemeanor. Nothing else on my record and I have completely changed (since I was military, it was a mandatory screening, which came back no dependency from a dr, just a stupid, stupid judgement call on my part). I did all the civilian and military stuff required. I kept all the paperwork. Question is: when applying for the board, should I consult legal prior to go assist with the application and include the medical screening that says all that? Do you think I have a good shot at licensure without restrictions? Thanks in advance for the advice!