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Going on my 2nd week of LPN Flex Program


Its Monday! I didn't get to post Friday or this weekend because I had family coming into town for a mud volleyball tournament we had and a softball tournament. So it was a busy weekend! Anyhoo, it is now my second week in nursing school and it is hectic!! It is a looooot of reading! I had a couple skills check offs and I took 5 quizzes and 5 exams last week. I take two of each today and one of each everyday for the rest of this week. Prepare yourself for reading a lot of information in a short period of time. I received my clinical schedule and starting end of October I will be doing LTCA at the VA hospital. I love my program so far!! Our instructors are extremely helpful but tough on us. They just want to make sure we do it right lol And my classmates are great! We all help each other out and since it is a flex program, we are all in different spots in the program. Im glad I was placed in the flex program because it allows a lot of flexibility, hence the name. lol I can be late if I need to or leave early if I need to. Some students just come in the mornings, some just come in the afternoon.

Well that's all I really have right now. =)

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This sounds like a very nice program ^_^