Going to an interview tomorrow but I have some doubts

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So I got an interview tomorrow morning but I'm not 100% sure if I want to get it. I currently work 11-7a and this job I'm interviewing for is 7a-7p.

It is a hospital job that I finally need to eventually go to grad school. My friend told me that the unit manager she talked to promised it would be a 48 hour per pay period but says they will give me an extra day to work per week basically bumping it it 60 per pay period. Currently I work full time on nights but the pay isn't very good.

When I did the math if I work 60 hours per pay period I'd lose roughly 220 a month vs my current nursing job of 80 hours (plus like 1 or 2 hours of allowed overtime). But if I work 48 per pay period I'd be losing almost $1000 a whole month!

I honestly feel like I cannot leave my current job for a job that gives me ONLY the chance to work an extra day per pay period.

And working per diem at my current job is unlikely, most per diems that work my shift get cancelled.

My friend keeps telling me: "Oh you are so going to get this job! They even told you to bring your license and BLS for their records!" At the same time I'm not exactly excited to be making less money. Please help me remove these doubts. Also, is it wrong for me to say at the interview if I get the job: "Can I get 2-3 days/the weekend to decide?"

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Maybe just go to the intv and see what they say. Let the manager know you want full time. If they can only give you PT, it is understandable to say no, since you need FT hours. And yes, it is always Ok to take a few days to think about an offer.

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