going to my first childbirth ed class!!

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I start my first job in L&D in a few weeks! My mom has a friend who used to be an L&D nurse at the same hospital and now she teaches childbirth education classes, so she offered to let me sit in.

I'm hoping I'll find it useful for my future job (I'm also interested in teaching childbirth ed someday myself.)

It's a 3 hour class, just 2 couples.

Has anyone sat in on classes and was it useful for your practice?


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Congrats on your new job! I haven't been an L&D nurse nor have I been to any childbirth classes but I think any extra education that you have is helpful!! A childbirth ed class is going to explain things in terms that everyone understands. Sometimes after all of our schooling its hard to not use clinical terms when explaining things. I think if anything it will help you educate your future patients in terms they understand! Best of luck to you!!

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Not a L and D nurse, but a nurse who has had babies and took this class yrs ago with my first one.

It will give you a good idea as to what new parents expect or have been told before they show up on your unit. Most of these classes are the parents first exposure to childbirth education beside what they learn on the internet. (babycenter is a popular web site).

As a nurse (we all went thru that L and D rotation) it was kinda cute/ fun to watch the excitement and or horror on some of the parents faces when they learned about what really could happen and the changes to the body.


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As a childbirth educator who has had some nursing students sit in on my classes, I was wondering how it went for you? Just wondering how I can make it a good experience for the nursing students in the future.



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As an OB educator and childbirth instructor I say Yes, going to a childbirth class is great! It will give you a better basic understanding of what pts are hearing, but also knowledge just from the experiences of the educator. Which is something you may not have received much of in nursing school. I took childbirth classes even though I taught them too. Just hearing things from anothers point view or teaching style was useful. Good luck. Many Happy Births!!

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