Going to college to become a Nurse.


Hello Nurses,

This August I will start a Nursing program at college. I'm excited because it seems to be something that I would greatly like to do. I enjoy helping people and working with others. I am a guy (not that it matters) and I was just wondering what a Nursing Program in college is like. I would like to hear your experiences, advice, stories all that kind of stuff! :)

-Jonah 18.

Well I started my pre reqs for nursing 2 years ago, and I am just about to finish this fall semester (A&P 2) and honestly I started out with a real pep in my step and now I'm beat down. I don't know where you are going to be going to school but where I go, I feel like they want you to jump through rings of fire to get into the nursing program, but if that's what they want then that's what I will do. I really want to be a rn and nothing and no one will stop me!! lol I say if you have a passion for it definitely go for it!