Going bonkers waiting for application status


Hi All!

I applied May 1st for the Fall start of a BSN program and have not heard back from the school. I was told they would send out letters, via email, possibly end of May, then in June I inquired to which they replied with "more likely end of June" and it is now July.

-What could be taking the process so long?

I understand there is no wait list at this school but just reapplying for next Fall if I don't get in.

-Could I be on a "secondary list", just waiting to see if any one on the "primary list" reject their seat offer? Is there such a thing?

I've already inquired twice in June, and I'm hoping I didn't hurt my application by being "annoying", would it be "frowned upon" to inquire again in 2 weeks if I haven't heard anything?

Any recommendations for my impatience?

Thank you you so much!!!

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Each school is different so It's hard to answer if someone doesn't have personal experience with the school. My school sent our letters out a month after we were told to expect them.. (this was ASN to BSN admissions) basically said we'd all get in either that semester or the next and couldn't understand why we'd be stressing out. We keep asking about ti and it didn't hurt us at all.

Our school does have an alternate list (secondary lists), but those letters go out at the same time with a note that you are on the alternate list (but they won't tell you what number) and that if a spot opens between such and such a date you will be notified.

Good Luck and maybe list your school so if there anyone will experience they can reply.


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Thank you so much! That helps ease my mind. Hopefully I won't have to wait another month. I'll probably check on the status in a week or so, if I haven't heard anything by then. Thanks again!


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I would email them or call them again to ask this week. It is better not miss an acceptance deadline, then to not be viewed as bothersome for contacting them three times. If you are really worried, I would hand the phone over to a friend and have that person call up the office. I can probably guess that unless you called them up every other day, they probably don't remember who you are. I would also check your spam folder. Admissions decisions can take awhile for many reasons. For example, the admissions team could have team members that review each application and then rule on it as a committee. Then, they need to make sure they are sending out the right letters, with all the information you need to start the program. However, in your case, they have told you that decisions should be made by the end of July.


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Thank you oldsockv! Those are details I was hoping to get. I will definitely be calling by the end of this week to follow up. Thanks!