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I was redeployed 6 months ago & am not happy in my current post, I am starting to think about going down a band, but was wondering about pay. Do you end up going to the bottom of the lower band or do you end up being moved across or at the top of the banding depending on where you are on the pay scale. Don't want to start asking this question at work, as I am still thinking about what to do. I hope this has made sense.

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Firstly, could I just ask, your redeployment has this been finalised and agreed by all parties involved.

Depending on the reason for redeployment (if it's because your ward or area had closed, or due to dignity at work issues) and if you don't feel this area is suitable you may be entitled to pay protection but this is something your going to have to negotiate via your RCN or unison representative. As far as where on the pay band you should go straight to top increment I think, but again this will depend on your circumstances and will need to be negotiated clearly at interview.

Is it worth sitting down with your new manager and explaining why you aren't comfortable in this new place of work, is there anything she / he can do to support your transition. 6 months isn't a very long time, I wonder if you need to leave it a bit longer to see if you can settle over a longer period.

Sorry your struggling, please keep us posted about what you decide. Make sure you don't do anything without consulting your union rep.

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