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Going back after 6 years


I used to be a nursing student at another school, but things didnt work out and I was so traumatised that I decided to not go back and changed my major and since then, I got a bachelors and masters in a different field. Now, I feel I would like to go back and try again to go back to nursing school at a new school. I still have fears about going back; so, I was wondering if anyone had any advice to give to someone who is returning? Thanks in advance.

Hi Gina1982,

I,too am iin the same boat. I started RN school initially, got freaked out and scared and decided to change majors. I've graduated and been working for just about 5 years and I'm having regrets about not finishing what I started. I've just decided I want to definitely go back. I wont be able to do an ABSN progrm so i'm thinking maybe an ADN or even an LPN program. Not sure of what route to take. But any advice would definitely be helpful!.

I started taking a couple pre-reqs over, because i've pretty much exceeded the time frame for most, if not all the pre-reqs for RN school.

I wish you luck with getting started again. Hope it all works out.

Anyone who is or has gone thru this with any advice would be greatly appreciated. :yeah:

TREndzetta, thanks for the reply, I have to take some extra prereqs for the new school. I decided to see if I could go into an accelerated program to get a BSN. I think we both can do it, its just that we probably need mentors or ways of motivating ourselves so that we can both stay on the right track this time around. I would say do what is best for you and learn from the past. :)