Going back to work after 5 years


I took a 5 yr hiatus from working as a CNA. My cert. expired, so I need to retake the class :o I started as a CNA in 1996-2002. So, it won't be until January that I take my course and then find a job.. so I'm very nervous!!

What is the paying rate, I know it's different for everyone, for someone who has 6 yrs of experience under their belt? I'm trying to figure it out. I started out making 6.50 in 1996 and then ended making close to 10 in 2002. I'd like to become a QMA about a year after working as a CNA, and then while I'm a QMA, I'd like to go to RN school!! We were thinking about just sending me to RN school, but I'm glad I'll be working to help pay for it as well.

Thanks to all and am happy I found this!!

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I hope that your transition back to working as a CNA will go flawlessly. Your pay rate will heavily depend on the geographic area in which you reside. For example, low cost-of-living areas have lower CNA pay rates, whereas higher cost-of-living areas tend to offer higher CNA wages.

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