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Hi! I went back to complete my prereqs at 32 years and will hopefully start nursing school in the fall! I was terrified of going back and worried so much about my family, but they really do adjust! The stress definitely falls on us trying to balance taking care of the kids and studying properly. I am again a nervous wreck with nursing school coming up because I know the time commitment will be much longer and intense for the next 2 years. I am trying to prep my family for what is coming...my stress isn't about going back to school anymore but is now about finding childcare to cover the hours i'll be in school now! The best thing to do is pray and definitely just take it one day at a time. That is my best advice. Don't look it in terms of years but at getting through each day successfully! Those days just fly by and you will never believe you were worried by the end of the semester! Good Luck!


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oops...that was supposed to be posted in reply to the other poster being nervous about going back to school...sorry :o

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