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GOAL: Civil RN in Spanish base, HELP !

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I have 6 years of experience in OR. My goal is to get hired in a Spanish Base, I was born there and I have been living there my whole live, but a year ago I had to come to the US leaving there my family and my whole live...

So.... I am so confuse, I dont know if I could get transferred if I am working in a naval hospital here. In Spain there are two base, one is a Naval Base and other is a Air force base so... to get transferred there, Should I work in a Naval or Air force Hospital? or in any Military Hospital instead.

I wish I could find someone who could help me in what are the best step I could fallow to reach my goal.

Thank you, I really need help

jeckrn, BSN, RN

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Reply you working for a DoD hospital now? If you are speak with your HE department. As far as positions in Spain the Sofa agreement will govern who can be hired so you need to find that out also.

No, I am not working in any DOD Hospital, that is what I would like to know, if I should apply in a Naval Hospital or Air Force Hospital or any of the DOD Hospital in order to get transfer to Spain because in Spain there are only a Naval Hospital and an Air Force base.

About the Sofa agreement, I don't have any idea about it, but I am both Spanish and American citizens so ... I think that would help... Maybe


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If you get hired under DOD, there are several laws, rules that will apply to you as a civilian. SOFA-status of forces agreement, deals mostly with military but I believe that it has a portion dealing with US nationals as far as law (if, and only if... You were in trouble, the host nation will deal with you and the US govt may or may not be able to help you at all). I am aware that my reply is too broad and offers little info. Recommend you contact any one that is under DOD working in Spain. If you are already DOD, this will be a lot easier for you. If you are not DOD, strongly suggest you become DOD employee stateside as the xfer to overseas will be a lot easier. Good luck.

Thank you so mucho

I have a question and sorry I don't have knowledge about this subject

The DOD Hospital, are the army, navy ... Etc?? The VA Hospital are DOD too??

I have a AV Hospital near me, but I don't know if they could transferred me to a navy base ...

thanks in advance


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DOD-Dept of defense = all uniformed (military) services. VA is not DOD but its employees are under the GS pay scale. Some folks say that VA is better than DOD in regards of pay but I have no idea on that. Others say is a better work environment. Can't tell you if it's true since I've never worked VA and I am active duty for a few more years and then I'll retire.

With VA, you do not have to worry about sequestration like under DOD. VA is funded differently.

Regardless of what route you go, your federal civil service counts on either system.

Buena Suerte 😎

jeckrn, BSN, RN

Specializes in EMT, ER, Homehealth, OR. Has 17 years experience.

The SoFA will also cover how the base can fill civilian positions. From what I understand in Germany military spouses can not fill civilian positions until it has been offered to the local Germans.

Thank you all

I have read here that the VA Hospital don't make transferred to DOD Hospital, but maybe the lady was wrong.

I think I am going to try in VA Hospital, there are more in largest cities and they offer more position, however, I have read also that the hired process is long and hard, is that true? Any advice??

Thank you so much I really don't have too many people to ask for


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I think that no system will transfer you. If you find an opening in the system and you are willing to move to that job (geographically), you apply and if selected for the job, then you can transfer. I am unclear as to how the process is as of getting the government to pay for your household goods to be shipped overseas or other stateside location. Some job postings will say if this is covered and most overseas jobs have full funding according to everyone I've worked with while overseas.

Getting on board in the GS systems is a long process. Some folks go 4-6 months before you hear from them with an offer. Apply, continue to apply, keep your current job and wait. And wait some more.

There was a big hiring "freeze" not long ago due to the breach with the security data base. That caused a back log of > 10k applicants to be checked for their background investigation. This investigation is what takes long to get hired. At least that is the biggest hurdle.

Good luck!

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I see.... But do you think it is still better if you are in the system before you can find the job you want, right? Or do you have equal oportunities than if you were outside the system?

I am lost right now....


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There is a saying among some circles...once you are in, after 12 months, YOU ARE IN. Do I think is good to be in before you find the dream job? Sure! It is the same with the military side :)

Don't be too eager to get in. It takes time. Sort of like trying to get a job with the post office... Continue to get the experience in the outside (civilian) sector and keep applying.