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I Need some advice. I was just hired as a GN for night position and the manager said that I would be oriented and have a coach during the days. which was very important to me becuase I felt that I would be taught more during the days. When I started I was put in the Night shift with no formal coach and just following different nurses. I feel that I'm not getting that best training. I tried to speak to the manager about but nothing was done... What should I do?

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I would recommend keep trying to talking with your manager if your orientation is not what you expected. You may have to compromise a bit but fight for the orientation that you deserve. That said, while you have multiple people to follow, take note of things they do that you like and things that you dont. Each rn has their own sense of style and the way they do things. Have each one explain why they are doing things. You may get a different answer from each but you don't know which one clicks with your style the best, so for now, make the most of your situation. Use your down time on night shift to look chart notes, policy and procedure manuals, and getting to know the staff. It will work out in the end. Good luck and congratulations.

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I think every new GN needs a day orientation first. So many more things happen on days such as patients testing, blood draws, Dr. orders and such that I think every new employee needs to be exposed to those things so you feel more comfortable. I think you need to actually be a stronger more experienced nurse to do nights because you have less staff and need to know that base of knowledge. I also think every new nurse needs to tailor their orientation with the unit manager so you two can decide together what you need.

I would try talking to your manager again about your concerns.



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I understand where you are coming from, my orientation was very similar. I was paired up with so many different preceptors in med-surg my first two weeks that they had no clue as to what I could and could not do. The preceptors would only want to give me two patients because they didn't know my strengths. When I got sent to nights I still got paired up with so many different people, but I became a bit more assertive. I took as many patients as I safely could. Started with five, then six, then seven..but haven't taken 8. I personally felt that taking the loads this way would help me to learn better. The people on the night shift were very supportive in assisting or answering questions. They continue to be this way now that I am off orientation for med-surg. Now, when I work OB, the attitude seems totally different. It seems that the staff resents my being there.


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My heart goes out to you!!! I would be so disappointed if I were in your shoes. Orientation is such an important part to the start of a nurses career! I am kind of a mouthy person and I would feel so put off by that, it isn't fair. I would probably first approach my manager one more time and let him/her know that I feel like my orientation is not going the way I had envisioned and give some suggestions on what I feel would make it better, and make me a better nurse. We don't and aren't expected to know everything just because we have passed an exam. It takes preceptorship and experience. I would be very non-confrontational, I would expect thay would appreciated the upfrontness.

If nothing gets done, contact the nurse educator for you floor, they are ultimately in charge of the new hire/GN orientation.

I wish you luck, let us know how it turns out! You seem like you'll be ok! You recognize things aren't right, and that's a sign of a good care!!!!!

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