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GN looking for an apartments in Royal Oak

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I recently graduated from WMU with my BSN, and was just hired at Beaumont Hospital for their critical care internship program. I need to find an apartment in Royal Oak (or near there)....any suggestions on good apartments? I wanted something downtown but idk how affordable they are...Thanks!!



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Welcome to the area and congrats on the internship! I really like Royal Oak and know you'll love the area as well. I have a classmate starting the critical care internship and one in the ICU there and know they are excited as well. There were thousands of applicants for those 12 or so spots so an extra special woohoo on getting the offer:yeah:

There are a TON of apartments in Royal Oak. The lofts downtown look really nice, but are ridiculously overpriced (Like 1500+ to rent a 2 bed place) The Urbane apartments are also ridiculously overpriced. There are several of them around (basically they rehab older buildings, throw some crap from ikea in there, and charge twice as much). The other big company is Amber apartments and townhomes and they have apartments in several different sections of the city. I've only had friends rent from urbane and not have great experiences with them, don't know a whole lot about Amber or all the loft buildings downtown.

There are many nice older apartment buildings located a few blocks from the downtown in more residential areas that are more affordable. Another option is renting a flat- there are a lot of two family homes in Downtown Ferndale and some in Royal Oak (I really like Ferndale. Great location close to Beaumont, funky, and less expensive than Royal Oak. I used to rent a two bed flat for 700. REALLY affordable with a roomie. The one beds are about 600 give or take). I liked having a backyard for BBQs and didn't mind mowing the lawn but realize some people prefer apartments for the total lack of maintenance.

Hopefully that will give you a few companies to google or options to consider and was a little useful. Start combing craigslist too and see what's around.

Let me know if I can be of any more help-- if you have more questions or even want someone to talk to or show you around the area if you're not familiar at all with it.

:ancong!: again

You will love Royal Oak! I would suggest looking on Craigslist and not going with a big apartment complex (Urbane, Amber, etc). You will get a much better price! Check out flats/duplexes too. If you have any specific questions, let me know...I have lived in RO for 5 years.

This one looks very nice:


Some more...





Congrats on the internship!!

I would check out that first one the above poster linked to. Those same landlords showed me two places in RO recently and they are super nice and accommodating. I went with a flat in Ferndale though. Advice on flats from craigslist: SEE THEM QUICKLY! I missed out on like 6 places in two weeks that got leased too fast, its actually hard to find a good place right now, jump on the nice ones fast :)

Hi, Congrats!! :yeah:I'm just starting school, me and my husband stay in the Canterbury Apartments on greenfield between 12 and 13 mile road, its not Luxury living, but it will get you started. A one bedroom/bath will cost about $650.00 and they do have two bedrooms also. It is within walking distance of Beaumont. Its not a big complex and that's what we like. Its pretty quiet and neighbors pretty much just mind their own business and are cordial :). Its been a safe place, no real problems, no thefts or break-ins, that's what is really important. Also its a hop, skip and a jump from downtown Birmingham! I will be volunteering at the hospital this summer on a med/surg unit and I am a student at Oakland University Auburn Hills. Good Luck on the JOB, let me know if you need any other info.

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