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Hi all,

I applied for the gn program at florida hospital and i just received a message saying that they want to set up an interview! :yeah: I have not been able to get in contact with hr yet, but i have a few questions. I'm from out of state, would i have to fly out there for the interview or is a phone interview possible? Also, anyone has experience with the Winter Park campus? How is it?

What is it like living in/around Winter Park? I'm a bit apprehensive about moving down there if offered the position :confused:. I'm from ny and i feel it would be a major change of pace.

Any information is greatly appreciated, thanks!!!

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The winter park campus is a small community hospital. The city itself is very nice. Lots of "old money" around there. It's very close to the old decommissioned Navy base which is now called "Baldwin Park." It can be quite expensive to live in Winter Park proper, but you can still find somewhat reasonable accommodations close by. The shopping is outstanding and the food is also excellent. Winter Park is considered to some in the metro area to be the place to go for good food. All in all, its a bit pricey but a very nice area.


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In general, Florida has a much slower pace than NY. With that said, you might find the pace in a metropolitan area like Orlando to be a bit more like home (as it is FILLED with people from other places). It wouldn't be the same as moving to a tiny rural spot like Live Oak or Perry (not that those places have hospitals!)

There are lots and lots and lots of ex-New Yorkers in Florida....and I haven't met one yet who wanted to go back!

Stardust send me a PM, about MPCU at Winter park


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What unit are you applying for? They have a pretty nice new OB service line wing there.