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Hello friends!

I have a different case than most people here and needed some advice. I'm interested in applying to GMU ABSN Spring/Fall 2023. I graduated with a B.S. in Gerontology in California with cumulative 3.6 GPA. My parents are stationed in the area and I just finished school in CA since we were previous residents and stationed there. I finished all my core and nursing pre-reqs at my local CSU. I've just been having trouble getting accepted to CA nursing programs the past 2 years since they are pretty cut-throat and need the best of the best grades/experiences.

I have experience working/shadowing in plenty senior livings here in NorCal, volunteering at an ED & TNU, and worked as a medical assistant for a couple months.  I was just curious to know the stats of those who were accepted to the ABSN. I've been having trouble looking for forums for this school and the next info session is all the way in September 2022, so I'm looking for any advice anyone has before I make the big move to VA.

These are the questions I have:

1. Does GMU require the TEAS or the HESI? I haven't seen any info on their website.

2. Does the ABSN program accept students for Spring? Or does everyone have to apply first to the school and then to the nursing program for fall?

3. Has anyone else taken their core and nursing pre-reqs out of state like me? Will I be considered out of state even if my parents are considered VA residents for the past 5 years?

4. Is anyone familiar with the Ch 35 Veterans Disability benefit or utilized it before? I was recently qualified for it and was wondering if GMU accepts this VA benefit entirely with full tuition paid for. 

Got accepted. Excited to see you guys.


How did you guys check ? Were you guys already mason students or are any of y'all transfer students too?

I have created a group. Congratulations to everyone on acceptance

judy majano said:

How did you guys check ? Were you guys already mason students or are any of y'all transfer students too?

I got an email from bsnapps and it had the decision letter attached. congrats to all that are accepted! 

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