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GMC Massachusetts review

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This is my first post. I just graduated nursing school in Massachusetts. I filled out my application and answered everything no. I then realized that they asked if you had any other licenses that had fines/disciplinary actions against you. I had a license by in a different area that was considered to be a business license. Not a professional license.  that did have a few fines. I filed an appeal, finally the department asked if we could settle with no admission of violations and a one time payment. I didn't want to be dishonest in answering the question so I call the BON. The attorney was very nice. I sent her over everything I had on it. She said she will review it and let me know next week if I have to sit in front of the BON for a GMC evaluation to see if I can sit for my test. Can anyone give me any advice? Has anyone in MA gone in front of the BON for GMC?


Thank you in advance

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