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As part of my former hospitals re-organization, they gave everyone new badges-great, Right? Wrong! The UAPs were called nurse extenders, the nursing aides were called comfort care providers. but, the badges read in big blue highlighted letters-NURSING. So, whether you were the unit secretary, RN, extender, comfort care provider, nursing supervisor, etc, your badges showed in big letters-NURSING. You would have to be within 2 feet of the person to be able to read the small print with the actual title.

Coincidence, I think not. Nursing was cut back, but to the patients, they thought they had three or more nurses working for them-little did they know.

That is the lease of the re-organization horrors, but a definite peeve of mine. I worked hard to become an RN and then get lumped in with every aide and tech in the hospital.

Anyone else experiencing this????


...........what a sneaky underhanded way to deceive the "public" (read: patient)!


I'm too angry to say anything! I'll just echo Canrckid's reply!



Here in Calif., as of 1-1-99, legislation went into effect that prohibits the use of 'nurse' by any individual except RNs of LVNs. Certified nurses aides can still use that specific title. The law also says that practitioners must wear a tag that discloses their name and practicioner license status in at least 18-point type. This was a law created in response to the same concerns that have been expressed here. In the interest of public safety and consumer awareness, this law AB1439 was introduced by assemblyman Brett Granland. (this info provided from the cal. BRN report winter 1999)

Maybe if other states put this type law into effect, some of the sneakiness (passing off UA's etc. under the auspices of nursing)could legally be avoided. The title of the care giver should come on the tag, not just the dept. name. I wonder, does the Director of Nursing in your institution wear a tag that says simply 'Nursing', I doubt it! Sophie


I forgot to mention that it does state RN after the name on the badges The name and RN are smaller and not highlighted as is NURSING in capitals.

Nurse's day is coming up again and it reminded me of another peeve at my former hospital. Nurses day was celebrated by nurses, aides, techs, unit secretaries, and I think housekeeping on each unit.

I sat on the committee last year and my blood boiled. I argued this every chance I could get and was shot down each time by not only management, but my peers.

The nursing gifts chosen also had to be acceptable (non-medical) for all the above mentioned staff.

Thanks for letting me vent.



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What an insult, huh?! Next time, how about asking them if Secretary's Day is celebrated with the maintenance crew?

(Now all you clerks, aides, housekeepers, etc.---please don't take this personally--- A housekeeper once reported to me that a pt.'s condition seemed changed---she noticed it because she saw the pt. several times a day in the course of her work---and I value her and anyone's observations, regardless of title!)


Just another incidence of the employee shuffle intended to fool the public. I too USED to work somewhere they did things like you list on this thread.

My question to you all is how do we fix this stuff? I am tired of changing employers, looking for somewhere that has it figured out. I join up here to get support and help in facilitating change where I am now. As much as I can relate, we all know how bad it is out there.... We need to come together here to brainstorm on fixing it. Just my humble opinion here...


Cyn...stiring the mix


We HAVE come together here. If you'll read the other "Topics" under this "Forum", (like "Please tell us if you are contacting....." and "ABC news 20/20"), you'll find a lot of info and action!

Great to have you here!



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