Give this facebook Live Event a try to pass NCLEX the 1st time

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Learn how to STUDY! 

$1.99 LIVE EVENT to help you pass the NCLEX. 

The KEYS to Passing NCLEX from a NCLEX Study Prep Expert with perfect passing results ?

Do you want to maximize your study efforts and focus your NCLEX preparation so you pass this exam.... the first time?

Register NOW for an interactive session with a leading NCLEX study EXPERT that has a 100% pass rate with clients. Damion Jenkins, MSN, RN, of The knows a thing or two about passing this exam!

Before you spend a dime or waste your time on less-effective NCLEX resources, you should attend this session and learn time-saving KEYS TO SUCCESS.

 Each participant will receive a DIGITAL BOOK that will help: 

  1. identify the nursing concepts used in each question.
  2. eliminate incorrect choices.
  3. apply critical thinking skills to arrive at the correct answer.
  4. test your understanding with example questions and correct answers.
  5. …. plus so much more

Preparing for the NCLEX is stressful! We know you value your time and want to make the most of your efforts studying to pass NCLEX. We also know this session will be well worth your valuable time.

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This is a great opportunity to learn the KEYS to passing the NCLEX and ask the Expert questions.

Can't make this date and time? Take advantage of this great $1.99 deal and you will still have exclusive access to the recorded event and DIGITAL BOOK after the event is over.