GIP level of care in the hospital setting.


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Hello to my hospice peers! I am looking for some guidance from those experienced with the logistics of caring for and managing the patient record of our patients who receive GIP level of care in a hospital.

We are starting a new hospice that will provide this level of service, as well as Respite care, in the hospital setting. There is very limited access to SNF/LTC beds in this greater community and there is not yet an inpatient facility for the hospice.

Specifically, I am reaching out with the intent of making direct contact with hospital staff who direct and govern the management of the patient identification and episodes, EMR, and billing. Guidance from folks who have successfully accomplished this would help us to create a more functional plan directly from the start.

If you work with a local hospital to provide GIP level of care, please IM me.

General comments will be interesting for the general readership, but I am looking for contact information.

Thanks...I look forward to your thoughts. Gosh I hope there are some...


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The Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association ( might be a very good resource for you. Good luck with your project!