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Gifts for nursing instructors


So maybe it's kinda cheesy but we "my class" are looking for ideas or websites for gifts we could present to our instructors. I am on the planning comittee for our class pinning and our nursing instructors have really gone above and beyond (I suppose lots of people feel that way), we would like to do something special for them. Any ideas are very welcome, and much appreciated! Please help. Also if you have any ideas for a pinning ceremony that would be wonderful as well. Truthfully trying to finish this last term and plan pinning is VERY overwhelming! Thank you!!!!!


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I felt appreciative of the small tokens that classes gave me- a t-shirt, a stuffed animal. But I wish the students had not done it. I was doing a job that I love and their becoming nurses that I was able to influence is more than enough. Just get a card and say thank you. Or better yet, tell their boss what you loved about them!!

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