Gift for summer externship preceptor?


I'm currently doing a summer externship, and I want to start planning for an end-of-program gift for my preceptor. I am the only student assigned to the preceptor, and I'm not sure what is appropriate for me to give. Would a $50 gift card to Target or Wal-Mart be too much? I want to stay away from flowers (they'd have to sit on the unit all day and then the preceptor would have to carry it home) and food (again, on the unit all day - yuck). What is an appropriate amount for me to spend as one student and what type of item would be best?


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I would definetely go with a thank you card and some kind of gift card. I've found out you can't go wrong with Wal-Mart.


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The amount you give/ the value of the gift I think depends on how close you are to your preceptor. I think it would be nice to go through a site like or another site that specializes in nursing products and go through their gift section. You can get something nice like stethoscope jewelry, a new nursing watch, a tote, or a bracelet that he or she can use while working and still be reminded of you.