GI med surg. What do I need to know?


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I'm a new grad with 1 month experience as an RN and I just got a new job at a med surg GI floor and I'm wondering what I should expect, what things I should know and also what¬†are the most common¬†medications used in this floor that I should know about. ūüôā



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AN's GI forum may provide useful info.

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Thank you! 

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When I think Med Surg GI I think:

1. GI Bleeds 

2. Liver Disease

3. Bowel Surgeries

4. Ostomies 

5. Fluid & Electrolyte Imbalances 


I would look up these topics and know them back and front! This should assist you in being familiar with the nursing practice you'll need to use on the unit and patient scenarios.