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GI lab

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What is the nurse's role in GI lab setting?

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flightnurse2b is a LPN and specializes in EMS, ER, GI, PCU/Telemetry.

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it depends on how it's set up.

i used to work in a GI lab and i could either work in pre and recovery or work in the room with the physician (where ever they needed me).

if i worked in the room i was responsible for charting everything (which is really tedious, but not hard), assisting with repositioning the patient and applying pressure if needed, collecting and submitting biopsy specimens and washings, etc. the CRNA provided sedation and monitored the pt for the most part, but i was there if anything went wrong (we had to be ACLS).

when i worked pre/recovery, we were responsible for greeting pt/family and answered any questions before hand, witnessed consent, reviewed meds/allergies, started IV line, reviewed everything with CRNA (they did initial assessment/ASA score), received pt post procedure, monitored for any problems (such as abd distention, fever, chills, vomiting, etc), checked gag reflex/bowel sounds, remove IV, get family members, notify physician/CRNA pt is ready to go, answered any questions, provided discharge instructions, wheel pt outside.

it's a fast paced job and you see alot of people each day, but it's a nice break from the floor.

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