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GI lab interview


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Hey everyone,

Just wanted a little advice. I have an interview scheduled next week for a per diem GI lab position. I do not have any GI lab experience, but have a year of surgical tele experience and so far about 3 months of SICU experience. I know I should highlight my extensive experience with the GI population that I had on the surgical unit, as well as the fact that I am somewhat comfortable with vents and recovering patients (we recover our own patients in SICU, they bypass the PACU). I am already ACLS and tele certified.

GI lab is something I have wanted for awhile and a speciality I see myself in for a long time. My ultimate goal is to be a GI NP. I know getting GI lab experience is important so I REALLY want this job. I plan on picking up 8-12 hours/wk. I plan on dropping down my hours in the SICU a year from now when I start NP clinicals, so locking in a per diem position would be awesome. Any tips from the GI lab nurses out there?! Or nurses who have gotten per diem positions on top of their full-time jobs?!

Also, do you think is it appropriate to ask my current manager for a reference (I have been in SICU for 3 months)?


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Just be yourself. Gastroenterology nursing is a lot of information that a nurse should learn but if your doctors are the ones that like to teach, then pick there brain. Its more than just pushing Versed and Fentanyl. That is the somewhat easier part.